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Kiryat Motzkin city

Historical Backgroundאמפי פארק קריית מוצקין

It was in 1933 when the "Middle Class Organization" committee in Haifa, decided to establish a new residential neighborhood "outdoors" the big city, in search of a better life quality of its members, yet still in close vicinity to their working places.

After long negotiations with the Jewish National Fund (k.k.l), a part of "Gidro" sandy & swampy lands in Zebulon valley in Haifa bay, were allocated for this purpose. It was then decided to name the new neighborhood after the Zionist activist leader Arie Leo (leib) Motzkin (1867-1933). מזקרה בבניין העירייה בקריית מוצקין
The foundation ceremony took place on a Tuesday's afternoon, 9 October 1934.
Its founders established their life on cooperative ideology, based on mutual assistance, granting free activity & free initiatives, especially in commerce & domain services.

Land measuring started, as well as sand evacuation & land flattening, a 400 land plot plan was designed, to be divided (by installment payments), between the founders by lottery.
The first building was the "Water Tower", inaugurated in March 1935. In December 1935, 61 houses were in building process; in 1936 the first school "Achdut" (unity), was established, in May 1937 the "300 houses" celebration took place. & in 1940, there were already 2000 inhabitants in Kiryat Motzkin.

Until 1940, Kiryat Motzkin was administered by an elected local executive committee, its first chairman was appointed by the British mandatory governor. In 1941, the council chairman was elected by the inhabitants. In 1950, first free elections took place, in the Free State of Israel. In 1976 (reaching a population of 25000), Kiryat Motzkin was declared a city.

During Second World War, Kiryat Motzkin suffered from German\Italian air bombarding, as neighbor to the British refineries & military port in Haifa. Nevertheless, despite the economical worth situation & against mandatory laws, Jewish holocaust refugees from Europe, "illegal immigrants" (according mandatory government), were hidden & rehabilitated by its inhabitants.         

During Israel's "Independence War", Kiryat Motzkin & its 3500 inhabitants had an important & strategic role, as the far north neighborhood between Haifa & western Galilee. It served as a front defense line against gang's attacks. At its northern bounds took place "the ammunition convoy battle", which strongly affected the fights over Haifa's liberation. Its water tower served as an observation & Morse code standpoint, connecting between cut off settlements in western Galilee & Haifa.

At the early 50th after the establishment of the independent state of Israel, immigration waves from East Europe & North Africa increased & almost doubled Kiryat motzkin's population.

Committee - Town Council Chairman - & City Mayors

  • Mayor - Haim Zuri – since November 1993
  • Mayor - Simcha Miller – 1984 to 1993
  • Mayor – Moshe Goshen – 1976 to 1984
  • Town Council Chairman - Moshe Goshen – 1959 to1976
  • Town Council Chairman - Noah Aloni – 1958 to1959
  • Town Council Chairman - Arieh Lieb Groshkevitz – 1945 to 1958
  • Council Chairman - Arieh Lieb Groshkevitz – 1941 to 1945
  • Council Chairman - Israel Shapira – 1940 to 1941
  • Committee Chairman - Israel Shapira – 1938 to 1940
  • Committee Chairman – Zeve Parush – 1937 to 1938
  • Committee Chairman – (Rotation) – 1936 to 1937
  • Committee Chairman - Fishel Breitman – from 15th may 1934 to 1936 

Geographic Location

Kiryat Motzkin is located in Zebulon Valley at Haifa bay, the north west of Israel. A plateau land at the southern boundaries of Western Galilee, at the foot of Carmel Mountains, & near the Mediterranean Sea shores.
The city expands upon a surface of 5,000 Dunams (1200 acres), with a population of 45.000 inhabitants (about 15,000 households). City's urban plans predict 60,000 inhabitants until 2020. 
Kiryat Motzkin's neighbor cities are K.Yam (west), K. Bialik, (east), K. Haim (south) & Acre to the north.

Life quality

Kiryat Motzkin, is considered & recognized as one of the unique cities in Israel by its high standards of life quality. As a small city, its 45000 inhabitants enjoy the advantage of personal acquaintance with their elected council member's as well as personal access to municipality personnel up to the city mayor.
Kiryat Motzkin is mostly a middle class community without classes’ polarity. According to the National Central Bureau of Statistics, life standard is one of the highest in Israel. About 80% of the city's inhabitants are flat owners, & about the same, owners of cars & housework facilities as (PC’s, VCR’s, A.C. etc.).
Kiryat Motzkin's adult population reaches 25.5% in academic & technical professions. In the education field the city does not fall from its status, 17.8% are university graduated.

Kiryat Motzkin is very well considered & known for being the "Green Island" of the region. About 15% of its surface is green area, when ever, were ever you will always find, green areas, gardens & parks, traffic circles & boulevards, all flourishing and well kept. Streets & sidewalks clean well lighted & well paved most sidewalks by decorative paving stone. Maintenance of high level standards is a daily & infinite task. Sometimes we wonder if the municipality's activity in that field affects it citizens, or may be vice versa …? 

Education - General Survey

As a way of thinking, education in Kiryat Motzkin has always been at the top of the municipality preferences. From this point of view, constantly efforts carried out aiming to improve, promote & renew the city's education system. 

Over 75 Nursery schools (15 private), day care centers & kindergartens are operating in Kiryat Motzkin, for children under 3 years of age, about 2000 kids, 7 Elementary Schools with 3000 pupils, 3 Junior High Schools - 1500 pupils, 2 High Schools - 1200 students & one technical high school – 200 students – right for 2017.

All school buildings are fat to innovative teaching, such as A.C classes, laboratories, computer labs & libraries. Special rooms allocated for special subjects such as mathematics, technology, zoology, etc. Special education programs integrated in subjects like English, general skills & more.

Science & culture center – "Ashkol Pais"

1n 1995 alongside the two new junior high schools, a new & modern science & culture center was inaugurated, "Ashkol Pais". The idea was promoting school's achievements in those areas. It includes most enhanced science & technology labs, meteorology & satellite stations, a small but well equipped auditorium (200 seats), sculpture & drawing workshops etc.
Studying classes are offered to close to 7000 students per year during day time, (all kindergartens through high school), and 1000 more in afternoon activities.


Kiryat Motzkin is a very tolerant community especially when it comes to relationships between its secular & religious inhabitants, tolerance nurtured by mutual respect. Although only 15 % of its population is religious by definition, yet more than 20 active synagogues both Sephardic & Ashkenazi can be found in the city, as well as 2 ritual baths (mikve).

City's education department holds a special cultural religious subdivision, its goal is bridging by exposing everyone to the Jewish heritage, history, holidays, way of life, folklore etc. mainly by lectures, quizzes, ritual celebrations etc. at kindergartens, schools & for adults.

Immigration Absorption

Kiryat Motzkin absorbed more than 10000 new immigrants since 1990, the majority from former Soviet Union & Ethiopia.

Municipality's main goal is offering help & continuous assistance, advice & guidance in Israel in general, & in the city in particular, towards assimilation within the old community. Many employees are new comers themselves, simplifying work, by easy bridging & understanding immigrant's mentality & codes.

Special activities offered mainly culture & leisure such as, Hebrew lessons, ceramics, drawing, music, dancing, Jewish heritage, Israel's geography & tours following, etc. 

Kiryat Motzkin blessed by a very highly qualified immigration, hoping to continue & absorb more in the future as a very high valued human resource.

Public Institutes

Public Library

Kiryat Motzkin's public library expands over 2500 square meters, inaugurated in 1998 as one of the greatest & modern public libraries in the country. 

The Lending Division contains more than 40,000 books in four languages & for all ages. A full-computerized system serves more than 6000 subscribers. The Audio-Visual Division contains various music; at disposal are also special video documentation movies, on issues as, science, nature & Israeli movies, also at disposal internet services. "Talking Books” is a special service offered to myopias with sight problems.  Study Division contains more than 20,000 books & is one of the most advanced, fully computerized & protected. Its services are offered free of charge to students & all inhabitants. Professional librarian staff advises & assists students at their homework & paper works.  Initiated guidance for students is coordinated with schoolteachers.
A special project dedicated to introduce children to books, literature & poetry, is carried out by writers meetings.

“Fun-Game” Division operates a recreation room, for shared activities parents & children. There are also, special parenthood activities for parents & babies. 
For adult enrichment disposal are writers & poets gatherings in the evenings.

Holocaust Center - Mashmaut

A unique subject for Jewish heritage, such as the holocaust & revival, Jewish tradition & values studied in cooperation with "Mashmaut (holocaust) Center". The whole project operated in cooperation with Israel's Education Ministry & "Yad Vashem", Israel's main commemoration institute\museum\library for the Holocaust.  

Historical museum & archive – Beit Grushkevits

Kiryat Motzkin's historical museum is located at its first Council Chairman (1941-59) house, Mr. Arie Lieb Grushkevitz (1867-1960), one of the first houses (built 1936), inherited by him for public uses.
Since 1965, it served as public library. In 1995 after the inauguration of the new library, the building stood empty & neglected. In 2004 in honor of the 70th city celebrations, it was decided to start renovation procedure & turn it to city's Historical Museum. In 2005, it started operating & in August 2006, officially inaugurated.

It includes thousands of original documents, protocols & pictures, hundreds of exhibits & founders' family's life stories, audio video presentations & more. Educational studying plans for all school ages operated free, almost on daily bases. As city policy, no entrance fee are required from city's citizens.

Community Centers

Kiryat Motzkin joined "IACC", Israel Association of Community Centers in 1995, sharing the same goals. Namely, improving life quality, by flexible approach to a comprehensive range of programs, specially tailored to community needs. 

Now a days 20 years later, 16 active community centers spread in the city, maintaining 7000 city's inhabitants, 1000 elder & senior citizens, 1500 adults & 4500 children.

Next to regular activities, we point out some special ones, such as the Amateur Theater "Hamasecha" (the mask). The modern dance group "Focus". The youngsters singing group "Kova Tembel" (a symbolic Israeli hat) & the elder group "Liron", etc. All, very highly requested all over the country for their professional performances.

Music Conservatory

Kiryat Motzkin's music conservatory operates as an independent association, closely supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Education. 250 students are registered at the conservatory. Most of its graduate (after 9-10 years of studies & formal exams), obtain the matriculation certificate.

Golden Age

Kiryat Motzkin takes care not only of its young generation, but also of its senior citizens. The city hosts a modern "elderly citizens' home" with 220 (single &\or double) rooms, including various medical services & other needs, alongside to three hostels with 550 (single &\or double) rooms altogether, mainly for elder immigrants.
"Gimlaim Venehenim" – "Happy Pensioners", is one of the largest, popular & active clubs in Kiryat Motzkin. More than 5000 senior pensioner citizens enjoy daily activities at the clubhouse, not to mention organized tours & vacations in Israel & abroad.
 Memorial House - "Yad Labanim"
Inaugurated in 1950, the institute's purpose is the memorization of Kiryat Motzkin's fallen soldiers & civilians since 1934, as well as taking care of the bereaved family's welfare.

The memorial house divided into 2 sections: The shrine, a hollow monument. The inner side covered with marble plates, with all the 197 fallen names engraved, 187 man, 5 women & 5 children.  In the middle glows the "eternal candle". This part is open to the public only on special occasions, like Memorial Day, special delegations or personalities visit, &\or on school class educational visits.

The Public hall operates on daily basis. a computerized system containing the list of the fallen, their pictures, life story, place & date of death, decorations, ranks, written &\or visual material etc. This hall used also as meeting area for the public & bereaved families. 
 The Theater Hall
Kiryat Motzkin's new theater hall inaugurated in 2010 contains 900 seats & is one of the most beautiful & well equipped theater halls in Israel.
Well in advance, from its planning stages, it was decided that it will serve as a multifunctional diverse culture center, easing accessibility & exposing the city citizens & near region, to all possible cultural activities. From varies theater plays, children's plays, dance, folk & entertainment shows, up to musicale concerts.
Since it's opening during its first operational season, there are more than 11,000 active subscribers, participating at all activities.

Open Park

Kiryat Motzkin's park complex inaugurated in 1999 expands on 110 dunams, (27 acres), divided into number of areas: Open air Amphitheater: contains 2537 fixed seats & more than 7500 optional seating places on the lawn. A wide & modern well-equipped stage, some of Israel's best artists have already performed some great shows on this stage, during holidays & summer festivals. Not to mention the largest city's get-together events, such as Independence Day celebrations.

The lake: spreads on two dunams. The water used, is underground water unsuitable for drinking, (also used to water all park's plantations). Lake inhabitants are fish, white & black swans, various species of water birds. The lake with it's "Monkey Island", is decorated by water vegetation & plants, in addition to two beautiful fountains.  Playground area for children's amusement & large lawn areas surround the whole park.

The zoo - "Hai-Park"

Kiriyat Motzkin's zoo the "Hai-Park" spreads on 40 duams (10 acres), and is no doubt, the parks highlight, since its opening day in 2003. The zoo, associate member of the European Association of Zoos & Aquaria, EAZA, is very exclusive & uniquely designed, fitting the large and open exhibition areas as much as possible to the animal's natural habitat, divided into geographical environmental zones in accordance to their dispersion around the world.
It includes more than 600 hundred various species of animals: 44 species of mammals, 35 species of birds, 33 species of reptiles & amphibians, etc. still growing & developing.
The zoo acts also as main regional zoological & educational center. Nurturing general animal love & care, and fostering the public's awareness for saving animals in the wild.
It offers to its visitors, professional guided tours & lectures; it includes modern classrooms, feeding & petting points & more.


Kiryat Motzkin is a sports leading city. All schools own a (small) sport hall, open air sport fields can be found all over the city. 
The city's sport association operates tens of league team's & hundreds of sportsman & athletes are supported. Male & female, in various ages & fields: basketball, handball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, gymnastics & floor exercise. As well as public health sports like: jogging, infant & elderly exercises, martial arts, etc.
The city's handball team plays in the first national division, the basketball team in the second.
 Sport center - "Sportly"
"Sportly" (sport club\country club), inaugurated in 1997, serves as one of the main leisure, entertainment & sport resorts in the city. It extends on 20 dunames (6 acres) operating under the observation of Israel's health ministry, & ISO9001 standards. It contains two swimming pools; the main pool (20*25 m') roofed & heated, used year round, also used as swimming school as well as for Kiryat motzkin's swimming team.  

It also includes a modern Spa with massage parlor & psychiatric treatment rooms. Alongside, operates a large, modern & air-conditioned fitness club, containing more than 100 kinds of sport facilities. The outdoors area includes open-air sport fields for basketball & mini football (soccer). The large lawn areas surround the center, watered with underground water not suitable for drinking.

Sister Cities 

Kiryat Motzkin is in sister cities &/or friendly relations with several cities in the world: Bad Kreuznach, Hassberge & Bad Segeberg in Germany, Kaifeng in China, Nyiregyhaza in Hungary, Gherla in Romania, Marianske Lazne in Czech republic, Wlodawskim & Radzyn podlaski in Poland.
Main activities with our sister cities are in the domains of youth exchange, mainly based on cultural fields, such as: sports, dance & singing groups, music bands &\or single gifted individuals in varies domains. 

Kiryat Motzkin's supports many other non-official relations & gatherings of youth in\with other countries, committees, organizations in the world, as a policy of great importance.

Sister City
Name and Links
סמל הסברגה, גרמניההסברגה, גרמניה - Landkreis Haßberge, Germa​ny 
סמל באד זגברג, גרמניהבאד זגברג, גרמניה - Bad Segeberg,​​ Germany 
סמל באד קרויצנך, גרמניהבאד קרויצנך, גרמניה - Bad Kreuznach, G​​ermany 
סמל אורלנדו, ארה"באורלנדו, ארה"ב -  Orlando, Florid​​a, U.S.A 
סמל ניירטהאזה, הונגריה
ניירטהאזה, הונגריה - Nyiregyhaza, Hu​ngary 
סמל קייפנג, סין
קייפנג, סין - Kai​feng, China 
גרלה, רומניה   Gherla, Romania
​גרלה, רומניה  - Gherla, Romania
מיאנסקה לאזנה, צ'כיה ,Česká republika  Mariánské Lázně
​מיאנסקה לאזנה, צ'כיה ,Česká republika  Mariánské Lázně
מיאנסקה לאזנה, צ'כיה ,Česká republika  Mariánské Lázněמיאנסקה לאזנה, צ'כיה ,Česká republika  Mariánské Lázně
​מחוז וולדבה, פולין - Włodawa, Poland
מחוז ראדז'ן פולדלסקי, פולין
​מחוז ראדז'ן פולדלסקי, פולין -  Radzyn Podlaski
הוף, מחוז בוואריה Hof, Germany
​הוף, מחוז בוואריה - Hof, Germany


Mayor Haim Zuri:
"It was never a secret that living in Kyriat Motzkin is good. My staff & myself make great efforts to develop the city in every aspect & first of all, its inhabitants welfare. We will continue to promote Kiryat Motzkin in every way possible – The Best Is Yet To Come”.

Kiryat Motzkin city